• The Ministry of The Wife: Understanding Your Calling

    What does it mean to be a wife?

    Why is a wife much more than a homemaker?

    How can a wife align with God’s intent and transform her home and community!?

    Dear woman, being a wife is a calling! Your role as a wife is for a divine purpose. You are a specially designed change agent – a vessel God uses to transform the world – starting first with the home! Being a wife goes beyond just being a homemaker. And whether you are aware of it or not, you are the fulfilment of God’s prophecy to your husband and family.

    This book will ignite your spirit, and open your eyes to many deep and encouraging truths that will transform your role as a wife. It will guide you to discover God’s divine plan for your life, and inspire and motivate you to live beyond the ordinary vision of marriage.

    Be prepared to have a renewed and profound understanding of your purpose as a wife and be equipped with wisdom to embrace your calling!

    This book is an important read for all, especially current and prospective wives.

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