• Storytime with the Animals

    After a heavy meal of fufu and palm-nut soup, Kofi Anto, a nine-year old boy decides to visit his friend. Kwaku Manso. On his way Kofi comes across a group of animals including the dog, the goat, the cat, the hen and the lizard under a mango tree. To his greetings all the animals responded eagerly except the lizard, who snubs Kofi for having made a number of  attempts on his life with a catapult. However, Kofi soon reconciles with the Lizard and all the other animals he has offended in one way or the other. He then joins them to listen in turns to their delightful stories.

    Last of all comes Kofi’s interesting story about the mosquito as the animal’s envoy.

    All these stories are simply but vividly narrated by the author.

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