• Lady Chatterley’s Lover

    What happens when a cultured bohemian feels stifled in a sexless marriage to her invalid husband?

    She takes on a lover…

    Constance Chatterley, the wife of Clifford Chatterley, finds herself trapped in a loveless and lifeless marriage. When her husband urges her to have a liaison with someone from their own class, Constance gets attracted to a man from the working class instead– an Oliver Mellors who is her husband’s gamekeeper– and takes him as her lover.

    Ina  society that reveres class difference, will an aristocrat woman be allowed her torrid love affair with a lowly man?

    A novel notorious for being pornographic and way ahead of its time, Lady Chatterley’s Lover brewed up quite a controversy when it was first published in 1928. It was only decades later, in 1960, that its unexpurgated edition could be openly published in the UK.

    Lady Chatterley’s Lover


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