• In Pursuit of True Love

    This book is about how to get your marriage off on the right start or correct the foundational errors if already married. It is possible to avoid an unending drama of pain and stress that can be acted out before your very eyes by the same person professing love, promises passion and fidelity, and perhaps moved heaven and earth just to get you to marry him/her. Do not come to a place where you have to choose divorce because a celebrity says it is ok. It’s not a walk in the park but more like living the rest of your life being followed by a dead body that refuses to be buried. However, it is better to be unmarried than suffer a slow agonizing death at the hands of a lover because it’s ‘till death do us part’.

    There are men who were willing to pay more than what was being requested as their lady’s bride price, even now after 20 years of marriage, likewise women who find it worth submitting themselves under their man’s leadership, and it’s all because right from the start, there was evidence of progress attributable to their partner’s efforts. You too can experience same if only you choose to elevate the conversation beyond the façade, the sex hype and the imaginary competition you wish to win or is being forced into. Focus rather on the true purpose of and your motive for marriage, give attention to your individual worth, life direction, capacity to endure inevitable trials and openness to adjustments.

    So before you initiate the relationship or take a step into marriage, take the time to first establish a solid reason for choosing that particular person over others, because the kind of person you marry is the evidence of how much you love yourself.

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