• In His Journey to Fame

    “In His Journey to Fame” is a captivating story set somewhere in Africa, where polygamy is a rule, making male children kings is a law and patrilineal inheritance is a norm. It is the first of the trilogy that include ‘Pastors on the Move” and “When women go crazy”.

    A young prince is born into a family of nine adult princesses, who also have ambitions to ascend the ultimate crown when their father dies. Ably supported by their mothers, these princesses hatch snares for the young prince in order to eliminate him.

    The struggles, trauma, hardships, treachery, deceit and death are beautifully mace and put in a matrix where both the King and the heir apparent died in the process, leaving the nine princesses to battle it out with the young daughter of the prince in their quest to occupy the powerful stool.

    In the end it is an all women affair to break the rules, laws, norms and finally tradition.

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