• Anloga Damsel

    Age Range: 8 – 12 years

    What do you do when you have become popular in school as an athlete and your friend, out of jealousy, betrays you? This is Dzidzor’s predicament. In this entertaining novel, the reader is taken on an adventure, explores the giddy life of students in secondary school. their loves and joys, as well as their woes and disappointments. The narrative generates fond memories of nostalgia and wistfulness. A very engaging novel indeed!

    Anloga Damsel

  • Asuoyaa by Train

    Nyameba, a twelve-year-old boy, had barely two months to write his Common Entrance Examinations. He relocated from his parents’ home to stay with his auntie after his mother travelled out of the country. It was difficult coping with his new environment which, to him, was a bit harsh. He fell into trouble and ran away from home to escape punishment. The main Accra train station became his haven.

    There, he met Ato, a young boy of his age who lost his family through the famous Asuoyaa train disaster and now lived at the train station. He made a living as a head porter. Nyameba joined his new friend in the trade just to survive. Sisi, one of the market women he worked for, offered to travel with him on the train to Asuoyaa.

    His encounter on the journey, his stay in Asuoyaa and the tragic moment he experienced on his return to Accra, transformed his life for good.

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