• Aya

    Okornore is a sorceress of words. And in the worlds she has created in this work, the reader is roller-coastered across places and spaces much deeper than the footprints she had splashed across cultures. The issues she scopes out are scheduled in a time capsule of infinite temporalities.

    Soul! is what screams at you when you journey through page after page of this delicious collection. From the heavenly to the banal, from the questions of our time to the quest of ages, Aya provides a sounding board for what it means to be human. These sweet verses, minted from the heart of a cosmopolitan citizen, secrete mystery and creativity

    Sometimes sassy, sometimes philosophical, Okornore nourishes the desire to read on and connect with a soulful source of erudition.

    Aya is a harvest of possibilities.


  • The Matriarch’s Verse

    I am a mongrel; a mixed breed of Ga, Ewe, Akuapem, English, Middle-Eastern and American cultures; I am a Third Culture Kid.

    Apiorkor’s socio-cultural experiences are interesting and might appear to be unique. But the truth is that there are several other Ghanaians who are secret sharers of her life. Such people lack access to platforms that would allow them to tell their collective story, so that their societies and communities can re-think all of the things that affect them.

    Happily, Apiorkor is an artist over matter and over emotions. She possesses a mastery over words and over the essences of life. Many Ghanaian men, women and children are like her.

    And her voice represents their voices.

    In this sensational collection, The Matriarch seeks to celebrate, shock, tickle, challenge and highlight our Ghanaian-ness in the 21st Century. The author peppers our imagination with the following:

    What does it mean to be Ghanaian?

    How have we progressed?

    Why do we stand for the things we stand for?

    Who really is the modern Ghanaian woman?

    Where is the global place for the urban Ghanaian space?

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