• To Love Or Not To Love

    Where To Love or Not To Love is an interesting, and thought provoking read based on the true life story of the Forsons. The story is set on the hills of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology where they found love. This beautiful story is intertwined with great lessons and life stories to inspire everyreader that love is possible and beautiful with the right person and commitment to make it work. To love or Not To Love will challenge your mindset on the current world’s standard for love, submission, respect and so on. The writers present practical stories and situations that eventually will help every reader to identify love and choose to love or not bearing in mind all consequences of each decision.
    Yet Christ is our helper so It is Possible To Love!

  • Now! Moving Forward: Keys to Living an Active and Impactful Life

    You are unique! You are different and you were created with a specific purpose in mind. In fact, you were created to make impact on earth in your own way. Lying deep within our being is the capacity to touch the lives of others and make valuable contribution to the kingdom of God and the world.

    In this latest book, titled, Now! Moving Forward: Keys to Living an Active and Impactful Life, bestselling author Vera Metzler-Hinson provides the roadmap on how we impact our generation with our sense of uniqueness.

    Discover in this new book, three inspiring chapters: Interestingly Different and Specifically Similar’’, ‘The spotlight of our Years’, and ‘Balance is a necessity in this VUCA World’.

    Whether you are young or old, this new book will revive your sense of purpose and enable you to make the kind of impact God ordained you for.

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