Shimmer Chinodya

SHIMMER CHINODYA was born in Gweru in 1957 and educated at the University of Zimbabwe, where he studied literature and education. He later attended the famed Iowa Writers' Workshop, where he acquired an MA in creative writing.

Dew in the Morning was his first work, written when he was nineteen and first published in 1982. He went on to write Farai's Girls (1984), Child of War (1985) and Harvest of Thorns (1989), which won him the Commonwealth Writers' Prize for the African Region in 1990. His collection of short stories, Can we talk, was shortlisted for the first Caine Prize for short-story writing in Africa.

Chinodya has worked extensively as a curriculum developer, materials designer, editor and screen writer. He has been awarded various fellowships abroad and from 1995 to 1997 was the distinguished visiting professor in creative writing at St Lawrence University, New York. He lives with his wife and family in Harare.