Myles Christian Hagan (Dr.) is a seasoned banking executive with expertise in digital transformation and innovations. He holds a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree from the Noble International Business School.
Myles serves as a Field Representative of the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship International. His expertise and passion to mentor young people has seen him speak on a number of notable mentoring platforms as well as financial services and digital inclusion conferences.

Selorm Adzo Hagan is an accomplished Banking and Organisational Change Management Professional with years of experience in the financial services sector. She brings her rich insights as a member of the Accra Ridge Church Couples Fellowship to her writings.
Myles and Selorm are happily married and blessed with two sons.

  • Positioned 4 Purpose (Volume One)

    Myles Christian Hagan, shares his life experiences, encounters and adventures in navigating towards fulfilling his divine purpose in this book.

    The book throws light on foundational pillars, required skills- sets and some essential golden nuggets a growing Christian needs in this journey called life. Readers will be struck by emphasis on the dependence on God because it is always better to have God with you in a time of crisis, than to live comfortably without God.

    The book accentuates the significance of having a positive mindset and here the emphasis is on always staying positive no matter the situation or circumstance, as against having a negative mindset, which can curtail and restrain the fulfillment of a purposeful and pleasurable Divine life. Enjoy the life experiences of the budding writer and in his own words, “This is just the beginning, hence the title with volume 1”.

    Anticipate the unveiling of ‘Positioned 4 Purpose’ Volume 2, where readers will be spellbound with more great revelations, inspired with true-life encounters, cherish the momentous occasions and uncover exciting insights to encourage readers to navigate through the journey of life optimistically and with a focus on God in the many years to come.

  • The Threefold Bond

    Love and Marriage are subjects that have been explored for generations and still remain a mystery. Through the years, songs, films, proverbs and books have sought to unravel the secrets of love and marital happiness.

    In their first book, The Threefold Bond, Myles and Selorm Hagan explore some of the most pertinent issues in marriage including the purpose and context of Christian marriage, what to consider in choosing a partner, the roles of the couple and the tricky ‘hot’ subject of romance, sex and marriage.

    The book also examines the roles and functions of the couple in the marriage, provides insights into issues of selflessness, and service to each other, preparation for welcoming either biological or non-biological children into a fold of security, nurturing and values.

    The Threefold Bond sets out and offers the base for anyone desiring to improve their marriage relationship or those about to enter. This book is a great tool for anyone who desires to know and live out the essentials of God’s plan for marriage.

    Rev Ocran

    Pastor & Executive Coach

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