Lawrence Amaeshi is an alumnus of Standford University’s prestigious creative writing programme and holds an MBA. His debut novel, Sweet Crude Odyssey, was published in 2016. Five Brown Envelopes is his second book. Lawrence is married with three children and divides his time between his homes in Lagos and London.

  • Five Brown Envelopes

    Nduka “Kaka” Kabiri’s company is in trouble. A legacy inherited from his late father, Construction Lions Limited will be liquidated after their multi-billion-dollar project in Northeastern Nigeria is seized and destroyed by terrorists.

    To save his company, Kaka’s bid must win a World-Bank- sponsored rail project tender. This contract will pay off all his debt and make Kaka one of the richest men in Africa. The stakes are high, and greedy, powerful, dangerous men in the corridors of power—and some close enough to walk the corridors of his own home—will do anything to stop Kaka from winning the rail tender.

    Things become dangerous for him when a beautiful seductress, Tsemaye, appears. She is followed in sequence by five brown envelopes whose mysterious contents threaten to destroy his young family, ensuring that he may lose more than just the rail tender.

    Five Brown Envelopes is a gripping thriller in the tradition of Jeffrey Archer and Richard North Patterson.

  • Sweet Crude Odyssey

    In the international market, they call it sweet crude – low-sulphur crude oil. It is targeted by oil thieves in the Niger Delta, who siphon it from the pipelines and sell to the highest bidder. This brutal black market is a web connecting rich barons in gleaming cities to savage militants in the creeks. This is the world Bruce Telema is lured into. But even as he outruns poverty and gains a fearsome reputation in the oil cabal, death, karma and the law stay close on his heels.

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