Kwan Pa

KWAN PA is a thriving and very dynamic indigenous band in Ghana that performs and promotes indigenous music of Africa in various forms. KWAN PA believes in the assertion that Africa has a very rich music culture which is worth flaunting to the world. We believe that African music is never outdated or perhaps irrelevant as some people may perceive it to be.

African music has a ‘life’ of its own and exhumes a certain kind of freshness when performed. The volumes of emotional and aesthetic expressions of this kind of music are simply overwhelming. When it comes to musical instruments, African music could be performed using indigenous musical instruments or western musical instruments, or better still, a combination of both.

KWAN PA currently performs with instruments including the Seperewa (Harp-lute), Frikyiwa (castanet), Shekere (big rattle), Gome (square bass drum), Kpanlogo drums and the Acoustic guitar.

Kwan pa is made up of four (4) versatile gentlemen who are passionate about African Music performance and promotion, who also enjoy what they do.


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Postal address - P. O. Box MP 4485, Mamprobi-Accra, Ghana