Frederick Nii Ofei Bruce

Frederick Nii Ofei Bruce is one of Africa’s uprising fictional novelist who spans across varied themes of love and relationships, entrepreneurship, work-life-school balance, self-discipline and motivation, amidst many alike.

As a prolific writer, he writes stage plays, poems, spoken word pieces, novels, Christian fiction short stories, movie and series scripts also. He is a ghost writer also and has edited various great novels.

As an ardent believer in African literature, he is the CEO and founder of Enzyme Classics which is a hub for young African writers to explore their writing talents
His first stage play titled ‘And He Proposed’ was a classic, and some of his popular works include, “Pillow Talks with the Devil, Trotro Diaries, I found her series, Tales From The Pot, Life in the Shadows, Sexy At 20, and many more.

He is a Chemical Engineer by day, and a Writer by night. His dexterity for creativity spans across music and sports too. He is a faithful believer of the “Can-do” theory and as such a great repository of life’s nuggets.

He is a member of The Ghana Association of Writers, and keeps spurring on with great, exciting and thrilling literature every day.