Bright Makafui is a Preacher of the Gospel of Christ, an international inspirational and conference speaker, an entrepreneur, Founder and President of Dream Africa Network and Macbryt Publications.

He is a Young African Leaders Initiative(YALI) scholar.

He believes in the potential of Africa, hence champions the cause of the African Youth which earns him mentorship to many youths who have come under his tutelage.
Bright has unique ability to inspire people to move beyond mediocrity and embrace excellence and wholeness in their lives.

  • Being Youthful & Useful

    This book is designed to guide you in the process of critical decision-making stage as a youth and gives you a perspective on how you can make your impact on your generation.

    It contains chapters such as:

    • The Paradox of the 21st century young person
    • The takeover generation
    • Broke and Broken and others for your consumption

    Undoubtedly, it’s a timely book that substantially or essentially deals with the reality of the state of our youth and the many opportunities that young people can readily tap into.

  • Live Your Dream: A Manual to Help bring Your Dreams into Reality

    There are lots of people who have conceived powerful and amazing dreams but are wallowing in uncertainty, doubt and fear. This classic book has extracted and unveiled the core values of true wealth ; and that living a purposeful life means living your dream. It doesn’t matter how small or big your dream is; you’ve got to live it until you become it.

    Live Your Dream is a divinely inspired manual uniquely crafted to inspire the young and the old to take huge strides in their God-given dreams.

  • Inspirational Master Pills: Collection of Divinely Inspired Quotes

    The Author writes to create a world of awareness on how great the Creator has given each and everyone an inspirational master pill to nurture our lives and to colour our worlds.

    In this script, one will realise the immense contribution and the vital role each pill plays in our lives as the nutrients of life.

    “Who you are is who you decide to be. Where you are is where you decide to be. Nobody can stop you from becoming who you were created to be and what you were created for except you. The greatest impediment on your progressive life is not the devil but the decisions you make. Every right decision you make has a tangible effect and produces the right result”.

  • I Dare You

    The Author in the timeline of the book, “ I Dare You” is the fighting spirit found in you. As humans, we need to unearth the positions of our inner spirit to enable us find our true strength of spirit.

    Loaded in this script, you will decode mysteries of your inner self and intriguing life-long stories of great personalities around the world who were not born into privilege but managed to become great successes today.

    Whereas some people might be born with “silver spoons” in their mouth, the chunk will have to strike hard¬† in order to make it. These blockages prevalent and come what may, you surely have to discover yourself and work on it.

    I Dare You


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