Akua Serwaa is a writer and a blogger. She’s loved making stories out of words since she was eight. She’s currently working on two short story collections.

  • Project Pinkaso (SDG Changemakers Series)

    Age Range: 4 – 7 years

    When the school principal observes that too many children are going hungry in his school, he asks Miss Yahaya, a teacher of agriculture and farmer, to oversee a school farm project alongside three resourceful school children, Ayiwa, Roro and Rafiq. The farm project is a joint-enterprise involving teachers, pupils and parents – the key stakeholders in a child’s education.

    This is a fun and endearing story that promotes a practical approach to the study of agriculture and the establishment of school farms where nutritious foods can be grown to help reduce hunger in schoolchildren. The story additionally highlights the school farm as an opportunity for creating jobs and income generation for members of the community in which the schools are located.

    With great illustrations and a quiz at the end of book.

  • Kenkey For Ewes And Other Very Short Stories

    Like a basket full of coloured beads, like a kente strip of many colours, like a xylophone that produces a thousand vibrant sounds, this collection is made up of stories as varied as the diversity represented in Ghana, from Hohoe to Hamle.

    These stories represent the budding creative spirit of the current generation of young Ghanaian writers. These new voices have become the refreshing perspective from which to consider the Ghanaian narrative in a thousand words. Or less.

    This is an anthology of hope. Never have so many young people captured the stories of our time the way this army of writers have immortalised. But beyond the greatness in the stories, Kenkey for Ewes guarantees one thrilling fact: it is a great time to be a global citizen.

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