The author is a graduate of the University of Education, Winneba and has been the ambassador of the Asante Twi language at the Bureau of Ghana Languages for the past seventeen years. Her schedule at the Bureau of Ghana Languages is to write, edit, proofread and translate documents from English to Twi and vice versa.

In spite of her busy schedule as a career woman and a wife, who has the responsibility of mentoring three lovely children, she still finds time to promote the Asante Twi language through publications like this one.

  • Afram Twi Dictionary: An English-Asante Twi Dictionary

    Suitable for the general public, basic schools, JHS, SHS and Colleges of Education.

    Apart from getting an insight into the meaning of English words in Asante Twi, this comprehensive English to Twi Dictionary also has the potential of giving the user the orthographical as well as in-depth knowledge about Asante Twi words.

    This dictionary can therefore be described as an academic asset which every learner of the Twi language must have. Considering its content, it can be said to be a great companion whose benefit can propel users to great heights in the pursuit of excellence in the learning of the Twi language.

  • Nantwi Paka Atew Praka (Akuapem Twi)

    Suitable for children from 6 years and above, learning the Twi language

    Baba Atenga wɔ anantwi du. Ɔpε anantwi du no nyinaa asεm. Awiabere bi a ɔde anantwi no kɔɔ adidi no, wɔn mu biako tew praka. Na ne din de Nantwi Paka. Ɔtew sii kwan mu. Ɔno na ɔrekɔ no. Ɔkɔɔ mmemea pii. Afei ɔtew sii kurom kɔɔ sukuu bi agopramma so, kokɔɔ mmeammea afoforɔ pii. Anso hɔ ara, ɔkɔɔ lɔre sitesan bi nso. Nea na ɔrekɔyε wɔ hɔ de, ɔno nko ara na onim. Baabiara a ɔkɔe nso ɔhe ehu too nnipa a wɔwɔ hɔ no so. Kwan bεn na Baba Atenga faa so huu Nantwi Paka de no kɔɔ fi….?

    Baba Atenga has ten cows. He is fond of them all. One afternoon, one of the cows breaks loose. This happens when he sends them out to graze. Its name is Paka the cow. It fiercely jumps unto the street and off it goes. It goes through various places, enters a township, moves straight to a school compound, then to other places. Its roaming leads it to the lorry station as well. As to whether it is going to board a lorry, no one knows. Everywhere it goes it creates fear and panic.
    How is Paka the cow tamed?

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