A. S. Talata

A. S. Talata is an author, a pastor, musician, an entrepreneur, a life coach, and a mentor to many. As a Christian theologian, she spent almost a decade of her life at the seminary before moving into full-time ministry. She is a people-driven leader who seeks to bring people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and also supports people to live a purpose-driven life. She has a strong desire to see women live purposeful lives.
She is the founder of STAM, Prevailing Christian Ladies (PCL), and is the head pastor of the Inner Court Chapel (ICC).
A. S. Talata holds a Certificate in Ministry, a Diploma in Theology, a Bachelor's Degree, and a Masters in Theology, all from the Trinity Theological Seminary in Ghana. She began her full-time ministry right after her Master’s degree. She has an apostolic grace and her ministry is characterized by signs and wonders amidst singing, teaching, evangelism, and prophetic ministration.