The Marriage of Anansewa – A Play

Anansewa: As for some old chief with fifty wives, that won’t do at all.

Ananse (with cunning): Supposing it isn’t some old chief but the finely built, glowing black, large-eyed, handsome as anything, courageous and famous Chief-Who-is-Chief?

Ananse the cunning spider man is the hero of countless Ghanaian legends. But this Ananse gets entangled in his own web of deceit when his scheme to get rick quick backfires, and disaster stares him in the face. The only way out is for his daughter to die…

Efua T. Sutherland did a great deal to encourage the theatre in Ghana. She began the Ghana Experimental Theatre and the Ghana Drama Studio, and wrote many plays for adults and children, including Edufa.

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