Judgement Day: The Story of Ghana’s 2020 Election Petition from the Diary of a Journalist

Throughout the 2020 Election Petition hearing in Ghana, the evidence, facts and theories were played out in a kind of ‘theatre’, with its own characters, costumes and settings.

The judges, the lawyers, the witnesses and the political party supporters all strove to play their parts in the quest to establish the validity or otherwise of the petition. Judgement Day is a book that also presents the behind-the-scenes and out-of-courtroom events that had some bearing on the substantive matter in court.

This book reproduces the story of the 2020 Presidential Election Petition in an ‘as it happened’ manner. The author also perceptibly recounts portions of the story of the 2012 Presidential Election Petition that were relevant to the 2020 Presidential Election Petition in a language that is straightforward, easy to read and easy to understand.

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