Learning to Count with Joshua (Little Sage Activity Book)

Age Range: 3 – 6 years

Little Sage Activity Books are designed to start children on the right path to a lifetime of reading, counting and writing.

The books are designed to be engaging and to hold the short attention span characterised by children of this age group.

Research has shown that children learn faster and well when they are enjoying themselves.

We reward children with stickers not just for a completed right answer but for effort; this is to encourage teamwork and build confidence, necessary for the journey through life.

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Shapes – Colours- Counting

Age Range: 3+

This book introduces children to shapes and colours in an interesting way.Children also get to colour the shapes themselves. They are also introduced to counting using the shapes and colours. At the end of the book children would have learnt the shapes, colours and numbers from one to ten.


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