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The Pro Bono Lawyer without Honour (Hardcover)

Having represented several hundreds of prisoners through his Justice for All Programme at no fee and providing legal assistance, advocacy and support to very needy victims in civil claims as a Pro Bono Lawyer, his career hit a major road block as the General Legal Council (GLC ) hounded him in 2017.

As an ordinary individual who found the strength to persevere and endure, in spite of overwhelming obstacles meted out to him by the GLC, the author remains the light, that refused to surrender to darkness: a true survivor’s story.

In this book, the author shares very insightful lessons to young lawyers on the dangers of pro bono practice, by recounting his experiences with some pro bono clients, and the General Legal Council, in 10 separate frivolous and vexatious complaints brought against him with the abetment of the GLC within 5 years.

The author takes readers through the proceedings before the GLC, by giving vivid accounts of what transpired in all these 10 separate complaints, exposing the clear targeting of lawyers by the Council; the abuse of lawyers who appear before the Council; and the gross violations of all known rules of law and justice by the Council in a grand conspiracy to shame, ridicule and persecute him.

Readers will be amazed at the circumstances leading to the GLC itself being complainants in three of the cases against the author; himself being the first lawyer in Ghana to be suspended for 3 years for touting; being the first to have a ruling of the GLC quashed; as well as the naked abuse of power by persons in positions of trust.

Through empirical evidence, the author makes a case in support of the need for the existence of more pro bono lawyers, to enhance access to justice delivery, to aid the heavily under resourced Legal Aid Scheme, but details how the GLC is a disincentive to this call.

The author ends by sharing the spiritual aspects of law practice he has experienced and demonstrates how his personal faith in God has saved him. According to the author, he is not what happened to him but what he chose to be in the midst of naked persecution.

He was compassionate to his clients and worked with passion to get them justice, but WHERE IS HIS HONOUR?

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Francis-Xavier Kojo Sosu


Macbryt Publications


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