Guilty Until Proven Innocent (Hardcover)

Guilty Until Proven Innocent is a true reflection of the bizarre criminal injustice system that we have. It’s a legal satire that uses the true-life stories of various actors who have been fictionalized to expose the gory systemic failure of our Criminal Justice System which have had dire consequences on the liberty, livelihood and future prospects of several individuals who became victims of our Injustice System.

You’ll discover the grand conspiracy between the police, prosecutors, judges and political influences through unlawful arrests, abuses of bail, fraudulent and expired warrants and general abuses that put the individual citizen at the mercy of this perilous system of injustice.

The book finally reviews major laws and institutions of the Criminal Justice System and provides empirical evidence on the lack of confidence in the system.

In its concluding chapter, the book talks about the price of injustices.

Injustice to any individual in our country is injustice to the collective sense of justice of the nation. A violation of any individual is a violation of all of us.

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Francis-Xavier Kojo Sosu


Macbryt Publications


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