Rama’s Lemonade

Rama’s Lemonade is a semi-autobiographical epistolary of how Rama navigates the challenges of singlehood, churning lemonade out of life’s bitter lemons.

Rabiatu’s Rama’s Lemonade is a journey of life lessons. She travels back in time, via memories and experiences, but voices them through a future version of herself – Grandma Rama speaking to her granddaughter in a series of twelve letters. And that is the genius of this book. Rabiatu deals with complex family relationships, death, friendship, loss, work, society’s pressures surrounding marriage and having children.

Running through Rama’s letters is the undeniable signature of personal faith. This faith is the kind that is forged in the fire of trials and testimonies. It’s gritty, vulnerable and resilient faith.

Regardless of where the reader is in their journey, they’ll find very relatable lessons in this book.

It’s a must read!

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Rabi Ayoka Brimah


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