The Christian Woman: Secrets to Enjoying Your Marriage

The alarming rate of divorce and separation in modern marriages have caused many to wonder if it is still possible for one to have a happy and successful marriage. Drawing from her experience as a wife, pastor, career woman and mother, Bishop Mrs. Pat Sappor addresses the marital challenges that the Christian wife deals with on a daily basis and shares vital marital secrets that she’s learnt over the course of her own marriage.

Written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in a simple, practical manner, this book combines inspiring scriptures with revelations from the Spirit and places the focus on the relevant and sensitive issues that confront Christian women in their relationship. But aside tackling marital issues and providing spirit led approach to handling them, the book also teaches the Christian wife the proper application of Management, Leadership and Financial principles at home.

Couples, whether they are at the pre-marital or post-marital stages of their relationships, will find this book very useful even as they strive to deepen their understanding of each other. May the Holy Spirit encourage, inspire and minister to you as you read this Spirit-led Book.

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