I Speak of A Better Society


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In this book, I Speak of a Better Society, I argued for a better society in Africa. A better society is coined as one where individuals therein could achieve their full potential. The African with the dream to be like anyone in Europe or North America. The African with a higher loyalty to truth, integrity, values, and good leadership. The African who needs a level-playing field to compete with the rest of the world. And, the African who has passion to change their world because the status-quo is wrong. In a better society, there is a fair play. In creating such society, additional values such as pragmatism, meritocracy, honesty, equity, and putting humanity topmost priority, count and matter.

The book advances my personal experiences, ideas, arguments, and opinions for creating a better society fair and just for all citizens in Africa. I argued that Africa is not poor and that we could create a better society for the indigenes therein, if we could have the right leadership in place and when we the citizens could change our attitudes as people.

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Albert Kobina Mensah

Dr. Albert Kobina Mensah is a Ghanaian scientist and works as a Research Scientist with Ghana’s Council for Scientific and Industrial Research-Soil Research Institute in Kumasi. He earned his PhD in environmental soil science from Germany's Ruhr-Universität Bochum and has a Master of Science in water resources/watershed management from Kenyatta University in Kenya and a Bachelor of Science in general agriculture from the University of Cape Coast in Ghana. His research focuses on soil contamination and pollution, soil potentially hazardous elements and remediation, environmental risk assessment, redox chemistry of potentially toxic elements, and the sustainability of artisanal and small-scale mining. He has participated in numerous rigorous laboratory investigations and field experiments to identify potential sustainable solutions to soil pollution concerns caused by gold mining in Ghana. He is a young researcher with a track record of doing and publishing high-quality research in high-impact journals in the fields of environmental sciences, soil sciences, public health, and mine sector sustainability. His scholarships have been published in prestigious international environmental science journals, and he has given oral presentations and appeared at international soil science conferences.

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I Speak of A Better Society


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