Ghana in Retrospect: Some Aspects of Ghanaian Culture

Ghana In Retrospect is an unusual analysis of both the religious and social life of the Ghanaian. Ghana is a land of equal religious and social opportunities and so everybody is expected to have more or less the same societal norms-ideas, beliefs, values, etc. That’s the Ghanaian democratic dream. What’s the reality? The reality is that there is a gap between real culture—what people actually do and ideal culture–what they say (and believe) they should do. This reality nullifies the dream.

The wind of social change blowing over Africa has swept all social institutions or patterns of ideas with the obliterating effect of a duster on a blackboard, leaving the highly educated Ghanaian, for example, alienated from his tradition and cultural heritage. Several efforts are being made to preserve the fabric of our culture for later generations to adopt. This is one of such attempts.

In Ghana In Retrospect Rev Dr Sarpong uses the ethnographic present to discuss some aspects of Ghanaian culture in lucid and simple terms. With the exception of the Epilogue, all the chapters are the edited and retouched versions of the original articles in The Catholic Voice. Coming from a Ghanaian anthropologist, the work is a definite compendium on Ghanaian culture.

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Peter K. Sarpong


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