• Woman Redefined: A Spiritual Journey to Unveil the Gem of Creation

    “Woman Redefined: A Spiritual Journey to Unveil the Gem of Creation” by Anthony Selom Dzadzra explores the essence of womanhood, revealing women as Divine Partners, guardians of strength and wisdom, and uniquely designed masterpieces. The book highlights women’s achievements throughout history and provides an exposition on Proverbs 31, guiding readers towards becoming a model woman of grace, strength, and virtue.

    The Guys’ Corner offers a unique perspective on harnessing women’s potential, challenging societal expectations and encouraging women to break free from limitations and expectations of the society. The author also highlights the concepts of “Woman You Are Not” and “Beautiful Women” and argues against the notion that women should conform to someone else’s expectations and celebrates them by emphasising that their beauty is not just skin deep but radiates from the inside out.

    The concept of the Combo is introduced, celebrating the multifaceted nature of every woman, and the author concludes the book with a powerful message of “Woman Thou Art Loosed,” encouraging women to break free, be themselves, and shine in all glory.

    “Woman Redefined” is an indispensable guide for those seeking to uncover the extraordinary gems within the heart and soul of every woman.



  • DISCIPLE SHIP: Maneuvering the Master’s Mega Mandate to Make Disciples of All Nations

    The church is busy. Very busy. But the myriads of meetings and conferences, programs and projects are only important to the extent that they contribute to the main reason for her existence: making disciples of Jesus Christ. The church is a vessel, a Disciple Ship, whose business and busyness are to discover, develop and deploy disciples; nothing more, nothing less. Disciple making is thus not one of the key activities of the church; it is the key, the main thing which everything must lead to and lead from, like the spokes of a hub. Unfortunately, due to a lack of proper understanding of this mega mandate and/or a lack of practical steps and processes, tips and tools for undertaking it, the mega mandate has largely become a mega miss, leading to a mega mess, of church and society. But no more! This vital book addresses both needs—Condition, Characteristics, Channels, Counterintuitive Conduct, Cardinal Components, Contraptions, and Conclusion of the Mega Mandate—with the hope that through it, deeply transformed people who will deeply transform society shall emerge, exponentially, everywhere, especially on the continent that hosts the highest number of people who identify as ‘Christian’ today. And from Africa, to the Rest, here comes Disciple Ship, a provocative memo to the church and a practical manual for her.

  • Peter Dagadu: Man of God

    Usually we know those men who have influenced church and nation only by reputation, as it were from the outside. In this book we have the rare privilege of seeing such a man at close quarters his childhood and schooling, how he came to Christ, the struggles and problems he went through in short, what made him the man of God he was.

    Though Peter Dagadu died so many years ago, there are thousands who knew him and who will find in this account the secret of a man they admired but did not always understand: To many others, both lay and ordained, the story of Peter Dagadu will prove a challenge to climb the upward path following in his footsteps.

    Peter Barker came to Ghana in 1956, after studying history and theology at Oxford, to work on the magazine New Nation, of which Peter Dagadu was a member of the advisory board. He later taught French and history at Okuapemman and La Bone secondary schools, and in 1961 began a two-year course of study for the London BD at Trinity College (then in Kumasi). After three years as pastor of Kaneshie Presbyterian Church and editor of Christian Messenger, he was seconded to the Christian Council as secretary of the Literature Committee and later manager of Asempa Publishers.

  • Cooking Jollof with Jesus: Interacting with God (2nd Edition)

    Cooking Jollof with Jesus is targeted at every Christian who wants to stir up his or her relationship with God and anyone who is ready to begin a walk with God. It is a reminder of how close God is to us, and how He wants us to talk to Him and hear from Him concerning everything.

    This edition consists of five chapters:

    • Cooking Jollof with Jesus
    • Voices
    • Drowning the Noise
    • Obeying God’s voice
    • Begin your experience with God

    The first chapter explains the jollof-cooking experience its relation to how God guides us in all we do. The chapter on Voices talks about the different voices that we hear; the chapter on Drowning the Noise talks about how we can sift the voices we hear and listen to God’s voice; the chapter on Obeying God’s voice is on how we can obey God and, finally, chapter five shows how one can begin his or her personal experience with God.

  • Becoming All Things to All Men – Living as God’s Ambassador at All Times

    In this book, the author uses various episodes in his life as a basis of pointing young people to useful lessons of life interlaced to offer the reader an exciting prose. He uses sixty-eight (68) episodes carefully interwoven in fifteen (15) chapters to draw critical lessons for the reader.

    As they read this book, readers will be encouraged and challenged to take the necessary steps to enable them discover their purpose in this life. He uses vivid examples to strongly drive home various lessons he seeks to draw the attention of readers to enable them to rise above the storms of life. It is these that will help them pursue life in a manner that will enable them to leave an indelible mark in the sands of time. It is this that will give God the glory.

    In the end, the author alludes to the fact that even though giving the world the best one has, may never be enough, it is still important to give the world the best one has anyway. The book concludes giving the reader thought-provoking issues to ponder about the real essence of life!

  • Thank You Lord!: He Inhabits our Praise


    Thank you Lord! To declare this on a sun-dappled meadow is within the ability of the feeblest of persons. But what of when turbulent currents rush across this pleasant landscape, bringing darkness and fear? Is God still good?

    Struck with a diagnosis of life-threatening organ disease, Adeline, found herself in whirlpools of pain, fear and perplexity. Clutching the wheel of her vessel, struggling to find direction and stay afloat in uncharted territory, the writer finds she has little control over events.

    At the end of this memoir, the reader will share the writer’s joy of discovery, her gratitude and love of the redeemed for the Redeemer, her trust of the sailor,  that her Captain will bring her safely through the torrents to the harbour of His love. The reader too, will surely declare in praise -Yes, Thank you Lord!

    This memoir has a place on every shelf and is of great value for everyone who seeks to find meaning in the ups and downs of life.

    Elizabeth-Irene Baitie Award Winning Author

  • For Freedom or Bondage?: A Critique of African Pastoral Practices

    In Ghana today, many people who suffer from a variety of human ills wander from one pastor to another in search of a spiritual cure. Because of the way cultural beliefs about the spiritual world have interwoven with their Christian faith, many Ghanaian Christians live in bondage to their fears of evil spiritual powers, seeing Jesus as a superior power to use against these malevolent spiritual forces.

    In For Freedom or Bondage? Esther Acolatse argues that Christian pastoral practices in many African churches include too much influence from African traditional religions. She examines Ghana Independent Charismatic churches as a case study, offering theological and psychological analysis of current pastoral care practices through the lenses of Barth and Jung. Facilitating a three-strand conversation between African traditional religion, Barthian theology, and Jungian analytical psychology, Acolatse interrogates problematic cultural narratives and offers a more nuanced approach to pastoral care.

  • The Diary of a Missionary Wife

    In a time where Sacrifice is no longer a much talked about subject preached in Christian circles, the average believer is tempted to forget those who have left their comfort zones to go fulfill the Great Commission in foreign lands.

    This book was written to remind us that there are some workers in the body who have been forgotten and need to be strengthened. However, as a compilation of testimonies and personal experiences, the author seeks to exalt God and His miraculous involvement in the life of anyone who dedicates to serve Him and fulfill this mission calling.

    It will empower missionaries to continue believing and trusting a God who is ever present and it will remind believers of the forgotten ones.

  • Powers, Principalities, and the Spirit: Biblical Realism in Africa and the West

    Among the many factors that separate churches in the West from those of the global South, there may be no greater difference than their respective attitudes toward supernatural “powers and principalities.”

    In this follow-up to her book For Freedom or Bondage? African theologian Esther Acolatse bridges the enormous hermeneutical gap not only between the West and global Christianity but also between the West and its own biblical-theological heritage.

  • Reaching The Unreached: The CMRF Model

    Ever wondered how you can use your talents and skills as tools for outreach and make an impact as a Christian professional wherever you find yourself? This book, Reaching the Unreached: The CMRF Model may be an answer to your cry.

    This book is a reflection on the work of a community of people who were sold out for the purposes of the Kingdom of God. They were ordinary men and women who received a commission to undertake an extraordinary task using the basic tools they had acquired. Primarily, they used the medical tool and evangelism as means of reaching out to the poor and marginalized in some communities in Ghana and other parts of the world.

    The Model presented in this book is time tested and born out of years of practical Christian medical evangelistic work. We believe you will be blessed and energized to evangelize and win souls for Christ as you read.

  • Emotional Integrity: A Pastoral Approach

    In an age of emotional plurality, how does a Christian approach the subject of emotions? How do we develop, exhibit and maintain emotional integrity in an emotionally diverse and charged environment? Have we neglected this all-important area of our humanity while focusing time and resources enhancing our mental capacities, at the expense of our emotions?

    Emotions play vital part in the service we render on earth. Emotions have far reaching implications on us than we can ever imagine. Many have suffered variously in the home, church, community and nations because of emotional immaturity.

    This book focuses on how one may develop emotional wholeness. It presents the biblical understanding of the nature of humanity, focusing on the emotional aspect. It postulates that through Christ Jesus constructive and destructive emotions unite to fulfil the purpose of God.

  • Moments & Memories: My Journey of Grace — An Autobiography

    Sharing our experiences in various ways helps us accept the lessons God has for us. These experiences go a long way to help those who read or hear them. I consider myself a beautiful piece of broken pottery put back together by God Almighty for a purpose.

    As an Adult, I realised that the challenges I had experienced as a teenager would prove very useful as I worked with young people. When I tell young people that there is nothing they are doing that I have not done before, they look at me with doubt, as if to say, “No, You are just saying that to make us feel better”.

    A successful life has within it good things as well as challenges, and the total outcome is based on how we allow the Lord to lead us. Many times we see the hand of God long after the outcome.

    This has been my life. This is my story. I hope you enjoy reading and learning from my Moments and Memories.

  • Africa to the Rest: From Mission Field to Mission Force (Again)

    Africa is the most Christian continent in the world today. This ground-breaking book celebrates this momentous occasion in world history while it traces God’s goodness to Africa in scripture and throughout history, clearly demonstrating that Africa and Africans have always been central to God’s missional purposes, not an afterthought. Since quantity and quality are not synonymous, Africa to the Rest unveils the teeming potentials as well as teething problems of African mission. This African lead in global Christianity is only going to increase into the foreseeable future, thus these projections call for preparation in order to produce the quantity and quality of African Christians who will be faithful carriers of the authentic gospel to all nations!

    The future of the global church is African, this book matters.

  • Breakfast on the Beach: The Development of Simon Peter

    All too often, we attempt to reduce the gospel narrative to a set of theological propositions. However, our faith is not rooted in the abstract realm of thought but in the tangible, sweat and blood world where we live out our calling to follow in the footsteps of Christ. The gospel is full of the real-life struggles, fears, failures and triumphs of men and women just like us, and in this retelling of Jesus’s ministry as experienced by Simon Peter, Rev. Dr. Johannes W. H. van der Bijl invites us to encounter the gospel’s transformative power afresh.

    Breakfast on the Beach is a harmonized, chronological retelling of the four Gospels that explores Jesus’s fourfold method of discipleship through its impact on his followers, especially Simon Peter. Harnessing the power of story, Johannes brings the gospel to life in new ways, emphasizing the relational nature of faith, discipleship and what it means to follow Christ – whether in first-century Judea or in our own lives and contexts.

  • Unwavering Faith, Confident Patience

    Faith is the substance of the things we expect, or hope for, and is what the just are supposed to live by.

    The Word we believe produces faith in us. The mixture of these two forces becomes the fuel for the corresponding actions which provoke the manifestation of the supernatural in impossible situations.

    As he narrates this spellbinding and awesome account of how God delivered him from his deathbed, Charles uses real illustrations to encourage the believer to deploy their faith and take possession of their own inheritance of divine health.

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