Becoming All Things to All Men – Living as God’s Ambassador at All Times


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In this book, the author uses various episodes in his life as a basis of pointing young people to useful lessons of life interlaced to offer the reader an exciting prose. He uses sixty-eight (68) episodes carefully interwoven in fifteen (15) chapters to draw critical lessons for the reader.

As they read this book, readers will be encouraged and challenged to take the necessary steps to enable them discover their purpose in this life. He uses vivid examples to strongly drive home various lessons he seeks to draw the attention of readers to enable them to rise above the storms of life. It is these that will help them pursue life in a manner that will enable them to leave an indelible mark in the sands of time. It is this that will give God the glory.

In the end, the author alludes to the fact that even though giving the world the best one has, may never be enough, it is still important to give the world the best one has anyway. The book concludes giving the reader thought-provoking issues to ponder about the real essence of life!

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Eric Atta-Sonno

Eric Atta-Sonno is a trained Building Technologist, Real Estate practitioner and an avid history enthusiast. He has undertaken researched works and developed four technical manuals as well as other unpublished works on subjects across various areas of life.

Eric has spent most of his adult life helping young people to discover the purpose of God for their lives and preparing them for the future through mentorship. He has a passion to see them growing into responsible adults who would be fully equipped to effect the changes required for the transformation of their communities.

Eric Atta-Sonno is a devout Christian fellowshipping with The Church of Pentecost International Worship Centre-Atomic where he is an Elder. Eric is married to Gloria with whom they have two children.

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Becoming All Things to All Men – Living as God’s Ambassador at All Times


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