Mastering People Management in the Modern Workspace


In the ever-evolving landscape of the modern workplace, the mastery of people management has become an indispensable skill for leaders and professionals alike. In this compelling and insightful book, Patrick Oteiku-Boadu takes you on a transformative journey through seven essential chapters that illuminate the path to effective people management in today’s dynamic corporate world. With “People Management in the Modern Workspace” Patrick Oteiku-Boadu offers a comprehensive guide that transcends mere management and delves into the art of inspiring and guiding individuals and teams. Master the essential skills to adapt and succeed in the ever-shifting, complex, and diverse world of modern work. Whether you are a leader, a professional, or an inspiring manager, this book is your compass to navigate the intricate terrain of today’s workplace, leading with wisdom, compassion, and effectiveness.


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Patrick Otieku-Boadu

Patrick Otieku-Boadu is a dynamic and versatile training consultant with extensive practical experience and a distinguished list of certifications. He excels in connecting with individuals at all levels within organizations and
is widely recognized as an expert in Customer Service, Emotional Intelligence, People Management, and Functional Leadership. Patrick holds prestigious titles of Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Timeline Therapy. He is also a skilled mBIT Life Coach and a certified Heartmath Trainer. This unique combination of practical experience gained from his extensive qualifications has exceptionally equipped him to empower and inspire teams with the necessary tools to
deliver exceptional corporate experiences. Patrick has authored a remarkable total of 18 bestsellers, including notable works such as “
Customer Service Delivery” and “The Pursuit: How to Effectively Set Goals and Achieve Them.”

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Mastering People Management in the Modern Workspace


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