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Diabetes mellitus, hypertension is among the leading causes of death globally. Diabetes is a complex disease both in aetiology and management that requires sustained lifestyle changes and adherence to medications. This book is timely and would serve as an educational tool to assist patients manage their condition optimally.
The book outlines practical insights to help patients and lay persons understand this complex disease and how to live healthily with the condition. The book covers important aspects of diabetes such as diagnosis, understanding the types of diabetes, medications and how they work, diabetes in children and adolescents, myths about the disease, complications and how to prevent them.
It will serve as a companion for persons living with diabetes and for lay people in understanding this complex disease. In our peculiar health care setting, where multiple barriers exit in accessing timely and quality health care, such tools and guides written in plain language for use at the population level, is most invaluable.
This book is written in simple language that makes reading enjoyable and it is highly recommended.

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