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A Woman’s Guide to Her Body and Her Total Health: Take Charge of Your Health

A Woman’s Guide to Her Body and Her Total Health has been written by Dr. Barbara Entsuah after practicing medicine for over 30 years. It is to empower women to know about their bodies, what diseases affect it and how they can both prevent these or be knowledgeable about them. It teaches among other things, how to treat minor illnesses like common cold, allergies etc at home for symptom relief and the need to see a health professional if there is no improvement thereafter. It also encourages women to be involved in their own health by knowing about their medical conditions or diseases so that visits to health providers can be meaningful as well as useful.

Both conventional medicines and complementary/alternative medicines are addressed and awareness of medications and what indications they are being used for and side effects of different medicines are also addressed.

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“Dr. Barbara Entsuah has written a comprehensive guide to A Woman’s Body, encompassing physical, spiritual, and mental health. The format is easy to read for the lay person. The advice given is well thought out and thoroughly researched. Although this book provides detailed self-help instructions for various ailments, Dr. Entsuah makes it clear that her intent is to supplement and not replace regular care by your physician …the book that you are about to read is an outpouring of her many years of experience, and of her heartfelt desire to use her calling as a physician to help as many people as possible. You will find it both practical and comprehensive in scope. Although she may have never met you, Dr. Entsuah has written this book with you in mind” – Vivian J Woodard M.D. Internist. Graduate of Harvard Medical School

“I looked at this book with my own personal health in mind…I viewed it from the eyes of my daughters…. I scrutinized it as an Executive Director of a non-profit organization working to educate women in developing nations… At the end of my examination I found the information presented in this book is relevant to every woman regardless of age, race, or social economic status. I applaud you, Dr. Fasuah, for creating a well needed reference for women’s health”. – Deborah Frock, Founder and Executive Director, Ghanaian Mothers Hope Inc. and Accountant, Florida, USA

“As I read through the pages of this book A Woman’s Guide to Her Body and Health, I knew that it was a book which I would not only keep close by to make reference from time to time, but also a book which I would recommend to many ladies – especially “lay people” (like myself)”. – Rachel Baddoo, (Barrister at Law), Chairwoman Board of International Needs Ghana, Board Member of Great Commission Movement Ghana

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