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Tough Times Never Last, but Tough People Do!

Name your problem, and you name your possibility!  That’s the message in Dr. Robert H. Schuller’s new  bestseller, Tough Times Never Last, But  Tough People Do! Dr. Schuller shows you  how to build a positive self-image, no matter what  your problem. Whether it’s unemployment, poor  health, loneliness, fear or anything  else that blocks your success, you can turn your  negative into a positive. No matter how tough  times get, you have the potential to achieve the best  of life. Through Dr. Schuller’s dynamic  principles, you can learn:

  • 4 ways to evaluate a  new idea
  • 10 commandments of possibility thinking 
  • 5 principles for putting problems in a proper  perspective
  • 18 principles of leadership
  • 5 phases  necessary for the faith to move mountains
  • 5 ways  to overcome a ‘brownout’ and prevent a burnout
  • 25 action words to get you started and never let  you quit
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