Thank You Lord!: He Inhabits our Praise

Thank you Lord! To declare this on a sun-dappled meadow is within the ability of the feeblest of persons. But what of when turbulent currents rush across this pleasant landscape, bringing darkness and fear? Is God still good?

Struck with a diagnosis of life-threatening organ disease, Adeline, found herself in whirlpools of pain, fear and perplexity. Clutching the wheel of her vessel, struggling to find direction and stay afloat in uncharted territory, the writer finds she has little control over events.

At the end of this memoir, the reader will share the writer’s joy of discovery, her gratitude and love of the redeemed for the Redeemer, her trust of the sailor,  that her Captain will bring her safely through the torrents to the harbour of His love. The reader too, will surely declare in praise -Yes, Thank you Lord!

This memoir has a place on every shelf and is of great value for everyone who seeks to find meaning in the ups and downs of life.

Elizabeth-Irene Baitie Award Winning Author

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Adeline Araba Ainooson


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