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The Unspoken Identity: The Woman with Two Vaginas (Pre-Order)

What will you do upon waking up and discovering that you have two vaginas, two cervixes and two wombs? How would you feel? How do you explain it to your friends and family?

This and many other questions led to the story you are about to read. Elizabeth a young vibrant lady, full of life was just like many of you. However, she never knew that her challenging health journey as a young woman growing up was all part of the big discovery that would unfold later in her adult life.

Elizabeth, curious in her nature, decided to seek answers for her chronic pains, fatigue and recurrent infections. She knew something was not quite right but could not confirm what it was. Read her story to discover how she was diagnosed with this rare biological abnormality and her quest to share her findings with the rest of the world.

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Elizabeth Amoaa


Austin Macauley


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