The Shimmigrant

A poignant yet optimistic story about the plight of a young immigrant. The Shimmigrant is a compelling story of a young girl’s will to survive against all odds.

Great book. Well written and easy to navigate. I followed it all the way through as if I were in the story. I like the comparison of the 2 cultures- Ghana (Africa) and the U.S. It helps us to have an appreciation of the African culture on one hand and what immigrants go through when they first arrive in their “dream world.” The author did an excellent job narrating the story of Sasha’s youthful journey to adulthood; and how your perception affects your reality. I strongly recommend THE SHIMMIGRANT for schools.

O Bonna, Ghanaian-American Author

A thought provoking story of the twists and turns in life’s journey. In a subtle yet captivating way, the author draws us into Sasha’s blessings and struggles as an immigrant. Seeking change, acceptance and success, her resilience and adaptability is most admirable. I cannot wait to see where Sasha’s dauntless personality takes her. — Lydia A, South Dakota

“Unputdownable” The Shimmigrant simply got me addicted! Wow! Loved this easy read and simply kept flipping the pages. It was funny and familiar. I teared up. The storyline is authentic, emotional, real and true. There is no fluffy stuff. Marjy is really good. She’s given me reasons to be thankful for my life. — Nana A, Ghana

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