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The Phoenix of Love

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“The book The Phœnix of Love has been written… to answer the coyly defiant questions as to what love means and entails: Nature and activity of love, love of fellow creature, of God, of country, of social causes, self-love, dynamics of love…? Great and capable minds such as Thomas Aquinas, Erich Fromm, Jesuit Fr. Pedro Arrupe, C. S. Lewis and Irving Singer have, over the years, sought to unravel the meaning of the idea or concept of love, yet understanding love appears to be a discursive journey that is set to continue for a while longer…. The Phœnix of Love is, to my mind, one of the unimaginably giant steps in the unfolding discourse on the nature and activity of love and what it entails….

The young, brilliant and gifted author Anthony Gyening-Yeboah ingeniously employs philosophical, theological, scientific, psychological and sociological ideas to present his understanding of the concept of love in an intellectual and conversational manner that illuminates as much as it enriches the concept of love and the activity of loving.”


–Justice Yeboah, author of ‘The Alchemy of Social Justice’ & ‘Rights in Action’ 

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Anthony Gyening-Yeboah


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2 reviews for The Phoenix of Love

  1. Festus

    Very good book. I love it

  2. Jo_Nigma

    The Phoenix of love is a brilliant piece of work on a tough subject that is deceptively seemingly understood. The author takes the bold step to dissect the topic logically, with difficult questions on the topic being posed and addressed and with sound concepts to explore the multi-dimensional nature of love. It’s a brilliant read for anyone who has ever loved, hopes to love or experience love or who wants to understand the concept of love; in summary it is a must-read for humanity, especially in this generation.

    Kudos to the author for such an incisive work!

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