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Tears of a Mother and Other Stories

If you were Mother Mary, and if your first-born son – the Teacher – was so brutally maltreated and led away to be crucified, what would you do? Cry? Weep? Wail? What would you do?
In this storybook, Mother Mary tells her own story: the sword that pierced her own heart when she saw what the soldiers did to her son. In tears, she stood by and watched, for what could she do?

Other stories in this book, narrated by those who met the Teacher personally, reveal great truths and lessons for everyday life. Enjoy  the stories of-

1.The cockcrow at dawn during the denials
2.The troubled dreams of the governor 3 wife
3.Why the governor washed his hands before judgement
4.The man from Libya who was forced to carry his cross
5. The reflections of the beam used for the crucifixion
6.The brutal execution of the 1eacher
7.The seven last statements of the Teacher

These are great stories for your reading adventure. The lessons and the truths the narrators learnt are yours for your everyday experience.

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Lawrence Darmani


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