Commentary on The Cockcrow: A Study Guide for Students

This commentary book is a students’ companion to The Cockcrow, which is the prescribed textbook for Metre studies in junior high schools. When students read the textbook thoroughly, this Commentary will then help them to understand, analyse, and explain what they read.

The Commentary is written according to the requirement of the syllabus. It is aimed at preparing students for the Literature-in-English component of the BECE Language paper. Students will find in this Commentary practical advice about studying towards the exams and how to read any written material for understanding and for pleasure.

This book will expose students to the fact that literature studies go beyond examinations. Literature helps us understand life and apply the lessons we learn from stones poems, and drama to everyday living.

Students are, therefore, urged to make up their minds to enjoy Literature. They should read The Cockcrow carefully and enjoy the storylines, the characters, the drama, the poems, the cultural backgrounds, the themes, and the lessons to be learnt from the stories.

The analysis, literary devices, and summaries of the short stories, poems, and play will enable students appreciate the content of this commentary book. The sample essay and objective questions will help in the personal studies and in group discussions.

Enjoy Literature!

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The Cockcrow


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