Secrets of Scandals

It is not every day that one is transported into the social settings of 100 years ago. Add the intrigues of illicit affairs within inner family circles and one has in hand a historical high-society thriller that hooks the reader from page one. Set in the British colony of the Gold Coast, the novel drips with nostalgia and is richly flavoured with African customs of the Ga tradition.

In the world of this fast-paced book, patriarchs run the family like a corporate. At the heart of affairs is how the professions and indigenous businesses tapped into colonial connections. Secrets of Scandals is an expedition into the genesis of how the nation’s movers and shakers built their national fortunes and brokered their private shame.

Cover photo is created from photos and sketches by JH Addy and painted by Boateng.

The photo shows:

James Town Harbour, built in 1872

James Town Fort, built in 1672

James Town Light House, built in 1835 by the Lighterage Company of West Africa

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Jonathan Hubert Addy


DAkpabli & Associates


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