Own Your Own Business: A Practical Guide to Successful Business

Majority of people who have had incredible financial breakthroughs in their lives are people who run their own businesses. God has given you gifts; talents and potentials to be a great employer but you are waiting to be employed by somebody. Many people have a desire to run their own businesses but they cannot identify the opportunities in the economy and mobilize enough resources to commence them.

This book will give you the tools, blueprints, strategies and tactics and more to be able to take off smoothly. Nowhere else will you see all the secrets of running a successful business gathered together in one easy-to-read book. It is only Own Your Own Business that provides you with these secrets. You want to keep it close at hand bui -hidden from your competitors.

If you only read one book this millennium, Own Your Own Business should be the book to read. It is absolutely wonderful and it is sure to make an impact on the business world for generations to come. For the first time, a book outlines in simple, easy-to-understand and usable terms, timeless principles that can help turn anyone into a money magnet. It is a must-read book if you want to be a cash-generating machine.

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Joseph Kyei Ankrah


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