How to Secure Your Financial Freedom: Spend After Saving, Don’t Save After Spending


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What is your financial situation today? Does your income exceed your expenses regularly, and that you are looking for investment opportunities? Does your income exactly meet your expenses and that you cannot save at all to meet any emergency? Does your income fall short of your expenses and always looking for a loan to survive? Do you not earn any income at all and are therefore financially depressed and it is even affecting your relationship? Which of the above scenarios can you associate yourself with?

Worry no more. Ankrah’s How To Secure Your Financial Freedom will guide you to achieve whatever financial targets you have set for yourself. Your financial life is in your own No matter where you are now, no matter what has happened to you for the past, you can consciously make a decision to change your financial situation. There is no such thing as hopeless financial situation. Every financial situation can change.

You don’t change your financial situation by just increasing your income. You do so by delaying gratification. The book provides a road map to financial recovery driven by a realistic, deliverable promise for a better life. It shows you how to master essentials to get your money under control and prepare financially for the rest of your life.

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Joseph Kyei Ankrah

Joseph Kyei Ankrah is a brilliant author, publisher, conference speaker, corporate trainer, financial consultant, entrepreneur and public servant. He currently works with Ghana Revenue Authority and is the CEO of Bridge of Hope Ltd. He has written over eight personal finance and business-related books.

He holds a first degree in Economics, Diploma in Tax administration, MBA in Finance, and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Accountants-Ghana.

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How to Secure Your Financial Freedom: Spend After Saving, Don't Save After Spending


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