Conquer: A Journey to Freedom


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Temptation, addiction, lust, guilt, redemption; these are but some of the issues raised in this semi-autobiography and anthology— CONQUER — by Nii Lante. In this book, Nii shares with us his struggle with masturbation, how it got hold of his life and how he was finally able to overcome this addiction after encountering God. His story of redemption ultimately came after several times of defeat. God laid a burden on him to share this story, offering practical steps that helped him in finding wholeness in Christ to help others who find themselves in such situations.

Prayerfully read, listen and CONQUER.

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Nii Lante Mills

Nii Lante Mills is a writer, speaker and the founder/president of Scribes. In his time as a student at the University of Ghana, his passion for theatre led him to join many creative arts groups including Hearts-In-Service Theatre Ministry, where he became the director and facilitated the revival of the poetry group. He is committed to making an impact on the world by the advocacy of the word of God through spoken word poetry. He has since pursued this gift which eventually led to the establishment of Scribes. He currently serves as the vice president for the youth ministry in his local church.

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Conquer: A Journey to Freedom


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