WriterPreneur: 25 Innovative Secrets to Generate Multiple Income Streams as a Writer


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Many writers have been in various forms of dilemmas when it comes to making use of their creativity to earn good money. There are many beliefs that a writer can only make money from authoring a book. Unknowingly however, there are other ways available to writers that rather generate even more than just writing and publishing a book. There is a great opportunity to earn good money by using writing as the foundation to solve people’s problems.

It is not about accessibility which becomes the challenge to these creative secrets but rather the realization that such even exist. There are many accessible ways writers can position themselves to make good money either on fulltime or part time basis when explored and taken advantage of.

This book is to help reveal many of these secrets, how and where to access them, and the ability to take advantage of them to realize their long-cherished dreams of becoming entrepreneurial writers. This will bring in multiple streams of income and will create that dream business for the writer.

To the ‘newbies’ who are yet to begin the writing journey, this is more than a companion which will lead them to the ‘promise land’. Your writing journey is beginning in earnest and will propel you to greater heights with this material. You will not just write and publish but also build a conglomerate from your writing.

The concepts outlined are easy to assimilate and will direct you to be able to get the most out of your writing. Prepare to be educated, provoked, and redirected to the right path on your writing journey.

There are 25 innovative secrets yet to be explored by writers. Get this material and explore.



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Ebenezer Asumang

Ebenezer Asumang is a Creative Freelance Writer, Proofreader, Columnist, Speaker, Google Certified Digital Marketer and Business Management Consultant with passion for youth development and advocacy.
He has impacted greatly through inspirational speaking on television & radio, at conferences & seminars and via webinars; and has authored four books on Amazon namely: More Than Gold, Inspiring Startups, Unmissable and The Bigger Picture.

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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Kwabena Darkwa

    Awesome synopsis. That surely preludes a great content. This is what i have been searching for all this while. Glad to see that finally available in print.

  2. 08

    by Patrick Baah

    Great addition to wisdom.
    Thanks Ebenezer for this awesome piece

  3. 08

    by Jessica Ofosua Sem

    Such a great initiative to help writers get the best out of their work. At least their creativity and talent will be worth it. I’m so glad that finally there’ll be a new wave when it comes to writing that is if both old writers and new ones take this book serious.

  4. 08

    by Terrance

    I have nothing but admiration and respect for anyone who can put pen to paper and succeed. Keep up with the good job. I also admire your innovative approach in this new norm.
    Excellent work!!

  5. 08

    by Adelaide sarpong

    Excellent job. Exactly what I needed. Points well taken.

  6. 08

    by Cassandra Asare

    Excellent job Ebenezer. Great insights into how authorship can be elevated. I have huge respect for your work always. Keep it up always

  7. 08

    by Isaac Boateng

    Awesome! This is very insightful and I recommend for every writer. Kudos Eben.

  8. 08

    by Richard

    Wow! This is great and insightful for all to grab a copy and learn how to make extra income from writing. Kudos Eben.

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WriterPreneur: 25 Innovative Secrets to Generate Multiple Income Streams as a Writer


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