The Great Revelation (Vol.1)


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THE GREAT REVELATION is the complete image of the [over] 1,900 detailed Bible lessons prepared by the author: It explicitly discusses all [major] theories pertaining to the Kingdom of God (Heaven and the Church), Revelation, Daniel, Biblical Prophecies, Biblical Eschatology (Preterism, Idealism, Historicism, and Futurism), the A.D 70

Kingism, Methods of Bible Interpretation, etc.

The book is meant to teach, instruct, inform, secure the Christian faith, and spread the true doctrine of Christ with respect to the subjects discussed, across the globe.

It’s the prayer of the author that this book reaches every Christian and the world at large, to cling to the human heart and mind, soul and spirit -to prepare all saints for the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ.



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Seth Nyarko

Seth Nyarko is a follower of Jesus Christ who has taught many from the scriptures for the past twelve years. He has been able to produce over 400 write-ups on various biblical subjects shared with the Church publicly and privately.
He has discipled many within and without the Lord's Church in biblical exposition and interpretation. He is known by many as the "teacher of the apocalyptic literature" for his ability to comprehensively interpret Revelation and Daniel. established the DAL (Divine Apocalyptic Literature Bible Society in November 2020 with the intention to help raise scholars in biblical interpretation.
He received a B.ED in Science and Mathematics from the Kibi Presbyterian College of Education (KPCE), Kibi, with honours, in 2023. He is very interested in church programs, and much dedicated to youth empowerment. His videos are available on YouTube and Facebook on APOCALYPTIC HOUR.

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The Great Revelation (Vol.1)


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