Love Bombs!


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Marieta’s life had already been turned upside down once before when her Mum and Dad broke up and her Dad was never seen again. She was left to grow up with her Auntie and Uncle. They had been her rock and refuge for all these years but now the way they argued and fought, she saw the same thing happening. Did they even care about her feelings while they hurt each other? Where would she go if they broke up? She was not going to let it happen a second time. She was going to explode her love bombs till they realised how much they loved one another and they would be one happy family again.

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Richard S. Mabala

Richard Mabala is a well-known writer of more than 20 children's books in both Swahili and English and has spent the last 20 years of his life working with young people. A previous novel for adolescents, Run Free won the Burt Award and this novel is a product of the listening to so many adolescents wishing that their parents listen to them too and take their wishes into consideration when they deal with the problems in their own lives.

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