Go Borrow Vessels: Turning Your Liabilities into Assets


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Are you looking for solutions to your problems, but don’t know where to begin? Are you swimming in a sea of debt, hindered by personal limitations, or frustrated with a stagnant business or career? the possibility for success is present in every situation. the key to unlocking it lies in the perfect blend of personal initiative, the assistance of others, and God’s abundant grace.

In Go Borrow Vessels, Dr. Mensa Otabil illustrates principles to radically improve any situation. Whether you want to transform your business, your family, or your life, Go Borrow Vessels will show you how to:
-Discover your unique path to growth and transformation
-Develop essential habits for success
-Apply biblical wisdom towards money management and financial freedom
-Distinguish between help that advances and hinders growth
-Break free from cycles of dependency to assume a self reliant life

A turn-around is possible. You hold the keys to your own success. Go borrow vessels and turn your liabilities into assets.

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Mensa Otabil

Mensa Otabil is a respected Christian statesman, educator, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. He oversees the multi-faced network of ministries of the International Central Gospel Church with its headquarters in Accra, Ghana.

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Go Borrow Vessels: Turning Your Liabilities into Assets