• The Living Word: Timeless Devotionals for Daily Christian Living

    This timeless devotional is a yearlong collection of messages aimed at equipping the believer in your daily Christian walk. It is enriched with priceless lessons from the scriptures on themes like salvation, faith, prayer, fasting, encouragement, Christian discipline and so much more. The writing format is easy to follow and designed to encourage personal study.

    Whether you are a student, parent, worker, busy executive, minister or senior citizen, make time to draw on God’s wisdom and see the difference it will make in your life. This devotional is not tied to any year. This allows for repeated use and makes it a perfect gift that keeps on giving. I pray that your Bible study life will be enriched, and you will enjoy a fulfilling walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • 5 Steps to Answered Prayer

    Prayer is one of the biggest privileges we have as children of God; it allows us to fellowship with Him and tap into the infinite resources and benefits of His Kingdom. However, for most of us, prayer remains a mystery. Deep down in our hearts, we ask ourselves why we have to pray if God is all-knowing and all-powerful. Does God really answer prayer?

    5 Steps to Answered Prayer takes you on a journey that is bound to enrich your prayer life and help improve your relationship with God.

  • Faith, Prayer And Fasting

    In this booklet I review an experience Jesus used to teach His disciples how to solve deep and long seated problems with three powerful tools – faith, prayer and fasting.

    Discover how to release your faith and access God’s power through prayer, while remaining sensitive spiritually.


  • How to Make Wise Decisions

    Receiving good advice is an art that can be perfected by practice. The quality of our lives is influenced by the people from whom we receive advice. For each one of us, there are people who enrich our lives and others who deplete our lives because of the quality of advice they give to us.

    How to Make Wise Decisions presents a systematic and yet simple approach that involves six key steps to receiving good advice and making quality decisions which will help you advance in life.


  • Handling Offences

    Offences are a natural part of all human relationships – be they marital, workplace, family or even at church. They creep in through diverse means and, depending on how they are handled, leave a relationship stronger or damaged. Mismanaging offences has the capacity to destroy both the offender and the offended. Offence must therefore be handled in the spirit of reconciliation.

    Handling Offences identifies the causes and consequences of offences and outlines a systematic process of restoration for relationships that have experienced offence.


  • Pursuing Your New Year Dreams

    The end of the year is a most interesting time in the lives of most people. It is a time for reflection on the year that is ending and most importantly a time for projection into the year ahead. People often have a list of New Year resolutions which encompass plans ranging from the profound to the bizarre. Useful as these dreams are, they sometimes end up being unfulfilled.

    Pursuing Your New Year Dreams outlines seven principles that will help you position yourself strategically for the New Year and ensure that your dreams are realised.


  • How to Overcome Temptation

    Everyone faces temptation at one time or another in their lives. A temptation is a desire or strong feeling to do something evil or sinful. God does not tempt anyone. Instead, temptations are initiated by Satan and we end up surrendering because of our evil desires.

    How To Overcome Temptation describes how temptations come and how we can overcome them in order to live victorious Christian lives.


  • How to be Born Again

    How to be Born Again is about Eternal Life and how to attain it. It is about how the Lord Jesus can free anyone from a life of sin and give them the gift of Salvation. Being born again or saved is not about doing good deeds, attending church, or engaging in frantic religious activity. It’s about a relationship with the Saviour.

    Anyone who is lost and looking for hope in life can, through the pages of this simple booklet, go through a step-by-step process that will help him or her to find Christ and enjoy the benefits of Salvation.

  • Anointed to Start and to Finish

    Anointed to Start and to Finish shares four characteristics you need to lay a strong foundation, and more importantly four proven principles for finishing what you begin.

  • Beyond the Rivers of Ethiopia

    A powerful and revealing look into God’s purpose for the Black race.

    In this book Dr. Otabil explodes long held myths about Africa; Exposes doctrinal errors about Blacks being cursed and inferior; Restores knowledge to Black Christians about their biblical birthright and; Exhorts the body of Christ to unite with love and equality.

  • Seize Your Kairos Moment

    A time will come when an opportunity of a lifetime will present itself to you. When that time arrives, the question will be whether you will grab hold of the opportunity before you or let it pass you by?

    Seize Your Kairos Moment will teach you how to recognize when your time has come. It will show you how to boldly take hold of that moment and usher your dreams into reality.

  • Serendipity

    Have you ever received an unexpected blessing? Have wonderful things somehow fallen into place for you without your effort? Some people would mistake such instances as luck or coincidence. The truth is that we serve a God of miracles. Some of the miracles He works in our lives are in answer to our prayers, but most are sovereign acts of grace. As we trust Him,, He orders our steps in the right way. He brings the right people into our lives and reveals Himself to us.

    In this book, Serendipity, you will see how God is able to step into our lives and make all things work together for our good.


  • Endurance

    God’s word tells us that there are many good things in store for our lives. However, throughout the course of our journey to claim His promises, there will be obstacles, disappointments, and tests along the way.

    Endurance is a handy tool to keep you centered through hardships and hostility. It will help you to focus on Christ through temptation and delays. May you develop endurance so that you can maintain the Lord’s favour and come out victorious in the end.


  • Power: Living Strong Through Christ

    Are you determined to breakthrough this year? Are you ready to stretch your faith to achieve great things by trusting God? Are you ready for your life to illustrate what it means when we say, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”? If so, then this book is for you. In it you will learn about the 4 levels of personal power and 3 areas where God wants to work through you.

  • Little By Little

    People with big dreams often ignore this simple principle: if you want to go far you must first go deep. It is good to have a big vision for your life, and by all means, you should go for it! However, the first thing you should do is build the strength and capacity to carry big things.

    In this booklet I want to help you take those small measures to ensure your success, for I have learned that great things are achieved not all at once, but little by little.

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