Emotional Integrity: A Pastoral Approach


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In an age of emotional plurality, how does a Christian approach the subject of emotions? How do we develop, exhibit and maintain emotional integrity in an emotionally diverse and charged environment? Have we neglected this all-important area of our humanity while focusing time and resources enhancing our mental capacities, at the expense of our emotions?

Emotions play vital part in the service we render on earth. Emotions have far reaching implications on us than we can ever imagine. Many have suffered variously in the home, church, community and nations because of emotional immaturity.

This book focuses on how one may develop emotional wholeness. It presents the biblical understanding of the nature of humanity, focusing on the emotional aspect. It postulates that through Christ Jesus constructive and destructive emotions unite to fulfil the purpose of God.

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Jacob Kwame Opata

Jacob Kwame Opata is a teacher of God’s Word with a strong passion for prayer and missions. He is the Operations Director for Christian Missions Resource Foundation (CMRF). He authored Medical Evangelism in Ghana: A Holistic Approach Towards Missions and co-authored Reaching the Unreached: The CMRF Model.
He holds a Master of Theology (MTH) and Master of Arts in Ministry (MAM) degrees from Trinity Theological Seminary (TTS) Legon, and a Master of Arts in Biblical Counselling from International Theological Seminary (ITS). He is currently pursuing a PhD.

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Emotional Integrity: A Pastoral Approach


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