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A Garland for the Soul

Age: 13yrs and above 

Have your eyes traced words on a page somewhere and had an aha moment? You know, when your soul agrees to the truth of the words and it seems like a light bulb has suddenly been lighted in your mind. This book is a collection of 50 poems laden with verses that will speak to your soul. It is like reading your own thoughts to yourself. It yearns to speak courage, hope and love into the heart of the reader. It is designed to be your soul’s companion bringing sunshine into your life during the darkest of days.

As you read these words you will be reminded that you are absolutely not alone, that you are not perfect but you are still loved with a fierce love by the ultimate Lover of your soul as He is making you whole. It is meant to be a beautiful garland for your soul.

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Genevieve Delali Antonio


Delali Publishing House


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