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Understanding that altars have the power to speak in our lives gives believers the will to fight and remain firm in our walk with God. It is interesting to know that aside from altars that destroy destinies, the Bible highlights some good altars that were raised by men to activate and maintain covenants between themselves and God. This book highlights the power of altars and the need to build holy altars as Christians.

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Kojo Odame

PASTOR KOJO ODAME is a passionate follower and disciple of Yeshua Hamaschiah. Currently the global lead pastor of the Canaan Christian Assembly with its Headquarters in Kasoa, Canaan City, his commitment to the Lord thrust him into leadership, an involvement that continued through his career and college days.
He is also an entrepreneur and international relations expert. He is currently a Managing Partner for Link Africa Ltd Holding.
Presently, he lives his vision of winning souls for Yeshua Hamaschia, and making impacts in the lives of the youth through the spirit of philanthropy and raising generational leaders for Yeshua Hamaschia.

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